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NLP applied in business

Joleen van der Zwan
July 17, 2020

Paul Verhaar is Lead Data Scientist with Sogeti Netherlands. In this webinar I interviewed him about Natural Language Processing, a specific field of Artifical Intelligence.

About Paul Verhaar

Paul has a passion for Natural Language Processing. He loves complex problems that kindle creativity and out-of-the-box thinking and projects with social impact.

He has a background in linguistics and New Media. Paul is always in for a chat on data science and/or the impact of technology on civilization. In his spare time, he is a pro-musician, avid motorcycle rider and single speed bike builder.

About the NLP webinar

This webinar will take you through the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI. How close are we to an AI that can understand the text? Natural Language Processing is on the rise after major breakthroughs since late 2019. Where exactly does NLP stand amidst the data science creations in the world of AI? And, how can we leverage these techniques on the ever-growing body of text data? We touched upon what NLP is, in what tech NLP is used, the NLP breakthrough(s), recent trends, future and 2 (Sogeti) applications leveraging state-of-the-art techniques. 

About the author

Innovation Consultant | Netherlands
Joleen van der Zwan is an energetic consultant with broad experience in multiple industries and a variety of roles. With her passion for innovation, she provide customers with insights and advice on their strategy related to innovation and new technologies. Joleen is head of organisation for the SogetiLabs meetup events, held twice a year somewhere in Europe.


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