My watch told me to write this post


Based on my sleeping cycle, my health bracelet woke me up this morning. After checking the profile of my night, I received the information that I had a good night sleep. Not sure that I agree, but my bracelet knows better than I do, so I had a good night. After walking a few meters I receive a kudos from my watch: my weight is stable, good job. Now time to walk the dog. Too bad for him he doesn’t have any wearables, so I don’t know if I am waking him up during a profound sleep cycle. After a few minutes of walking, I receive my exercise objective for the day: I need to walk 10% more than yesterday because I didn’t achieve my goal.

Back to my place, my Google/Novartis lenses had time to analyze my blood and determine the shake and mix I need to have for breakfast in order to be 100%. Breakfast done, I now receive a message on my watch saying I need to write a blog for Sogeti Labs (why this watch doesn’t give me the subject and content!). After one hour sitting at my desk, my wrist start vibrating – apparently I need to walk five minutes, I have been sitting for too long (too bad I was starting to be inspired and productive). Back to my desk, I receive a call from John Doe, the watch quickly analyzed the email from him and his tweet, and determined that it’s probably a very important call and that John is probably not very happy today (I guess he doesn’t have a health bracelet that tells him how he slept!). And the day continues …

That was not the story of my day, but unfortunately it may be like that in the near future. I do believe in the potential of wearable technology and all the benefits we can have from it, especially in the health care industry. But I also believe that there is a useless part in it, like the smart deodorant that will remind me to put some on every morning and a good amount! Seriously, are people already giving up? I feel like at this speed we could really quickly lose control of our life and just listen to our phone or watch to tell us what to do and when.

I don’t want to be a Cassandra, I myself have had Google Glasses for a long time, but I am just wondering about the long term impact. How will we be able to innovate and improve the world if we are just listening to a smart watch or smart phone and never facing any issues? I am just a guy who believes in serendipity and on the benefit of it.


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  1. Jacques October 30, 2014 Reply

    Hello Fabien, good question at the end of the Day Will we able to control And manage the technology or Will it be t’en contrary. The worst And the best in mind ! Depend on How was your night 🙂

    • Flavien October 30, 2014 Reply

      I am actually going the best, let’s stay positive. And anyway so far we are the one creating the technology, so let’s stay smart in our creation 🙂