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Automation: Monkeys with Machine guns

Sogeti Labs
December 10, 2016

Simplification and automation are and have been hot topics in the technology world for a long time. They try to remove the possibility of human errors. Like moving every day or concurrent actions away from human hands. To be more precise, this means moving human actions “to the left”.  This allows single human error to have much greater impact than with traditional way. Like 2010 Flash Crash showed.

Flash Crash was almost kind of worst case scenario. There were no direct losses of lives. Without proper knowledge, the same kind of structures can form almost anywhere.

This kind of emphasizing automation has been visible quite a lot in the testing field. Still quite often heard the question in sales case is “does the user has to know anything”. It might not be far that buying the car doesn’t require any drivers license because the car can run itself. And in happy case scenario, it, of course, can. But the world isn’t a happy place. The noise (other people, show, rain etc.) in real world causes also non-happy cases exists all the time.

Tools can be of great help, and offer a quick way to succeed (or fail). But at least still also knowledge is needed, no matter what sales say. Or at least understand the risks, if everything is not going as planned and all trust is put to tooling.


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