Microsoft TechEd 2014: My Top 25 Picks from Barcelona


At the end of October, just before Halloween, I visited the Spanish city of Barcelona to enjoy a holiday break with my wife and attend the vibrant Microsoft TechEd 2014 conference. In this post, I am happy to share with you my personal top picks. Below you find the direct links to the 25 selected sessions. Of course you want to start with the opening keynote. At exactly 9 minutes, Joe Belfiore (on the right), Corporate Vice President PC, Tablet and Phone, starts talking about Windows 10. You wouldn’t want to miss that!

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Here are my personal TechEd Top 25 Picks from Barca, a little bit clustered but in no particular order, since they all are equally interesting:

  1. Windows 10 Client Goodness with Joe Belfiore
  2. Microsoft Azure and Its Competitors: The Big Picture
  3. A Game of Clouds: Black Belt Security for the Microsoft Cloud
  4. Managing Cybersecurity Threat: Protect, Detect, and Respond
  5. Why a Hacker Can Own Your Web Servers in a Day
  6. Hacker’s Perspective on Your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Check List
  7. CSI: Windows – Techniques for Finding the Cause of Unexpected System Takeovers
  8. The Dark Web Rises: A Journey through the Looking Glass
  9. The Ultimate Hardening Guide: What to Do to Make Hackers Pick Someone Else
  10. Advanced Windows Defense
  11. Sneak Peek into the Next Release of Windows Server Hyper-V
  12. Power BI for Office 365 Overview
  13. Microsoft Analytics Platform System Overview
  14. Microsoft Analytics Platform System Deep Dive
  15. Introduction to NoSQL on Azure
  16. Introducing Data Factory: Orchestration on Big Data
  17. Jumpstarting Big Data Projects: Stories from the Field
  18. Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 App Model
  19. Deep Dive into New App Capabilities in Office 365
  20. Three-Way Data Binding in Universal Apps: View, View Model, and Cloud
  21. Kinect in Your Apps – Build to Amaze!
  22. The New Cocktail: 1 Tablet + 1 PC + 1 Phone + 1 Kinect + 1 Wall, Served Up on a Cloud
  23. Windows for Internet of Things Devices
  24. From Vanity to Value, Metrics That Matter: Improving Lean and Agile, Kanban, and Scrum
  25. CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Next Roles, Next Skills, and Staying Relevant in an Evolving IT World

Now you may feel that I overemphasized the security theme a little. But surely you must be triggered by the impressive and inspiring session list above. That’s why you probably can’t wait to explore the entire range of almost 400 Barcelona TechEd 2014 sessions yourself via the conference homepage. Have fun!

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