SogetiLabs meetup Stockholm!


June 16 and 17, 20 of our SogetiLabs fellows met in Stockholm, Sweden. With great energy, they worked on 3 challenges in sustainability for one of our major clients. Usually, we have these meetups twice a year somewhere in Europe with a selection of the SogetiLabs fellows. We work together with a client on 3 of their challenges in innovation, using a compressed version of our thinkubator approach. This time, a delegation of Trafikverket joined us. Learn more in this video:

Joleen van der Zwan


Joleen van der Zwan is Global Community Manager for SogetiLabs. She has a diverse background in media, retail, health care, aviation and banking industries. She provides customers with insights and advice on new technologies related to their strategy. Joleen is experienced in innovation management, project management and business analysis. She is always up to date with the latest developments in technology. And she knows how to apply this due to her knowledge and experience in strategy and design thinking for innovation.

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