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Meeting Manager BOT

Sogeti Labs
October 22, 2018

The Meeting Manager BOT provides end-to-end meeting capabilities enriched using Bots and Microsoft Cognitive Services. Bot acts as an associate and provides the following capabilities:

  1. Face Recognition & Attendance: Identify a person from a camera to record meeting attendance
  2. Smart Meeting Analyzer: Obtain meeting information (such as meeting info, agenda, participants) via a conversational BOT

Part – 1: Face Recognition & Attendance

Description: The system will identify a person using face detection from a Camera and records attendance. The system comprises of:

  1. Registration– Registers person’s details – Name, email id, Contact info., and Image.
  2. Attendance– Marks attendance with a welcome voice & text message. Emails attendance information (Image, Location, Signed In time…) to the attendee.

3. Listing– Lists out Participants and capture their attendance details.


  • Azure Cloud Storage
  • Azure AI Cognitive Services (Face API, Speech API)
  • Bootstrap
  • .NET MVC

Part – 2: Smart Meeting Analyzer

Description: A smart meeting solution that provides Meeting Bot capabilities.

Meeting Bot – A Bot service authenticated by face recognition that provides the meeting related information such as Meeting Agenda, Participants list and capability to download/email meeting related documents.



  • Azure Bot Services
  • Azure Cloud Storage
  • Bootstrap
  • .NET MVC

Bot Architecture:

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