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Make It Wearable: Overcoming Human Limitations

Sogeti Labs
March 18, 2014

In our recent report on wearables and empathic computing we describe a future scenario in which technology enables us to overcome human limitations and go beyond our limits with the aid of technology. From the report:

People will have superpowers Technology helps us go beyond our human limitations. We can intensify our existing senses or even add completely new senses to our human stock. What started in the medical world for people with disabilities is rapidly spreading to the entire population. Will there be new generations of people who no longer have the biological limitations of the human body? The opportunities offered by technology in, on and around us are countless, which may imply that in the long run ethical scruples will be overshadowed by the wish to make the most of the opportunities.
Part 4 in the Make It Wearable series by Vice and Intel deals with this topic by showing what is already possible today:  from Neil Harbisson the “sono-chromatic” cyborg, to the latest breakthroughs in prosthetics and exoskeleton technology at Vanderbilt University.

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