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Low-code, high-powered apps

Albert Tort
August 19, 2022

It’s difficult to find out some organization that does not need to automate processes, modernize legacy ways of working or simply address new business challenges. The answer to such challenges is the creation of modern apps to enable better ways of doing business and day-to-day work. With low-code platforms like the emerging Microsoft Power Platform, boosted by Sogeti’s expertise, we can efficiently create such modern, secure, and robust solutions in the form of apps, automated flows, virtual agents, dashboards, or all together and integrated!

Power Platform is a booster in terms of integration, development effort, security, robustness, and quality.  

  • Integration, because it comes with many built-in integration components to consume and interact with Microsoft 365 and other services, and because all its components (PowerApps, PowerBI, Power Virtual Agents, Power Pages, and Power Automate) may work alone, or they may work together to build each business solution. Power Platform solutions can also connect to many data sources with pre-built connectors.
  • Development effort, because the development is based on a platform in which ultra-customizable components are composed to build business (Biz) solutions and apps (BizApps) with less code than traditional development (low-code approach). Also, the design-development-testing-deployment cycle is supported on the platform, making the creation of powerful and integrated solutions faster and with an end-user quality focus.
  • Security, because Power Platform-based solutions are deployed into securitized cloud environments, and their development is based on security-classified components and connectors.
  • Robustness, because the development relies on a foundation of pre-build and robust components in the context of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.
  • Quality, because the platform provides components that provide quality by design usability, accessibility from different devices, and visual UI-standardization. The platform also allows continuous quality assurance, maintenance, and evolution of the solutions, as they provide continuous deployment and testing features.

No matter you are thinking about modernizing a legacy and complex Excel file into a modern app, automating a process involving the transformation from as-is manual steps into to-be efficient flows, building a virtual agent or a dashboard, or simply creating solutions that combine the power of each of these components to create complex but high-powered apps to address new challenges. All these challenges may be answered by low-code development solutions, which can be definitely competitive in comparison with traditional development in many opportunities.

And good news! Sogeti was recognized globally as the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 in Power Apps. Also, Sogeti Spain has been recognized with the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2022 in Power Platform. This is for celebration but essentially is the expertise base to boost the professional creation and governance of the increasing and promising set of business solutions that are leading, and going to lead, the modernization progress in most of the organizations.

The possibilities of solutions modernization and creation are present everywhere. Just test the power of the “less is more” mindset with a low-code platform like Power Platform, enabled by engineering Sogeti teams.

About the author

CTO | Sogeti Spain
Albert Tort is CTO of Sogeti Spain. He is a software engineering and testing & quality assurance specialist. He was a researcher and teacher at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia-Barcelona Tech where he specialised in requirements engineering, conceptual modelling, quality of information systems and testing. His thesis specialised in “Testing and Test-Driven Development of Conceptual Schemas”


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