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Low Code as the path to Gen AI solutions in the enterprise

Jun 4, 2024
Ralph Rivas

Are you a business decision-maker seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead? Perhaps the AI landscape  has you pondering the right path for your journey? Is Low Code part of your strategy?  You’ve come to the right place! The advent of Low Code platforms, especially Microsoft’s Power Platform, is as a game-changer, offering a strategic advantage for businesses looking to integrate next-generation AI tools like M365 Copilot.

The Promise of Low Code has arrived!

At a high level, Low Code development platforms (LCDPs) have revolutionized applications development and deployment. With reduce traditional coding efforts and the empowerment of business users to create solutions beyond Excel, the terms ‘agile’ and ‘adaptable’ take on new meanings.  This democratization of development is accelerates innovation and enables a more responsive approach to market demands. While Low Code has been around for decades, recent advancements in cloud and  Low Code systems have simplified skills acquisition and addressed previous adoption barriers like governance, distribution, and deployment challenges.

What is the case for Low Code?

Key points to consider include:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Controlled platforms with samples, templates, helpers (such as Copilots) reduce development time, accelerating solution deployment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced entry barriers and cost-effective tool packages offer significant time and cost savings. 
  • Flexible: Rapid deployment of proof-of-concepts (POCs) and feature-rich solutions, coupled with governance, minimizes IT involvement without leading to Shadow IT.
  • Collaboration:  Tools empower business users, aligning traditional developer services with business goals efficiently.

Enter Power Platform: A Low Code-to-AI-Journey baseline

Microsoft’s Power Platform  stands out in the Low Code landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of tools  to enhance business processes and decision-making. From Power Apps for front-end interaction to Power Automate for automation, Power BI for data analytics and Copilot Studio for Gen AI, its integration with Azure OpenAI Service further extends its capabilities, making it an ideal platform for AI tools like M365 Copilot.

In Power Platform, AI integration through Copilots transforms the maker experience, simplifying project initiation and enabling Gen AI functionality. Features like Process Mining in Power Automate proactively identify optimization opportunities in existing processes, making complex tasks easily accessible to stakeholders.

M365 Copilot: The Best Use Case for Low Code

M365 Copilot exemplifies Microsoft’s vision for organizations to harness the benefits of Gen AI technologies. Going beyond mere advisory roles, it acts a powerful streamlining business user workflows.  With a Low Code interface through Copilot Studio, customization aligns with business needs, requirements, and policies. While core technology tools like Azure AI Studio are available, enhancing Low Code systems bridges the gap, extending capabilities to custom external-facing web applications and other systems.

Real-World Impact

365 Copilot’s impact is transformative. Studies indicate streamlined workflows, improved decision-making, and a more connected workforce. For business decision-makers, this translates to increased agility, better resource allocation, and a competitive edge.  As digital transformation accelerates, tools like Copilot studio, in the hands of the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and stakeholders, promise exponential growth. This innovation trend isn’t exclusive to Microsoft; competitors like Amazon and Google are also innovating with low to no code entry points.   

A Final Word

For cloud-based solution decision-makers, adopting Low Code platforms like Microsoft’s Power Platform is strategic. Integrating Gen AI tools such as M365 Copilot not only boosts productivity but also redefines business application potential. Looking ahead, Low Code platforms will continue shaping business technology landscapes, positioning them as the preferred choice for visionary leaders.

Editor’s Note: M365 Copilot assisted in content creation and verification for this blog.

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