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Arun Sahu
July 17, 2018

Knowledge management is essentially about getting the right knowledge to the right person at the right time. It is important that knowledge is easily accessible and available in a single place. The overall objective is to create value and leverage and refine the firm’s knowledge assets to meet organizational goals.

Following are the challenges faced in earlier knowledge management process.


  • Information is stored in documents – The Information or documents are created and saved in documents (Word, pdf, excel etc.). These information’s are in scattered locations. Managing the versions and content is tedious.
  • People dependency to find the correct document – Find the right people to get the right information.
  • Search keywords inside document – Various documents need to be opened and referred to get the information. ­
  • Multiple location need updates – Common knowledge that applies to various areas/ applications need to be updated at various locations where the documents are saved.
  • No mechanism to understand the application dependency and impact analysis – Various documents need to be referred to find the application or business process dependencies. E.g. if someone wants to know the impact of changes to one application on other applications, he/she need to refer to various documents.
  • Multiple channels to gather requirements and maintain traceability – Various channels (emails, documents, verbal communication etc.) to gather requirements. Results into misunderstanding or loss of requirements.


Knowman empowers users to manage the knowledge in a structured way with additional features of collaboration, Search, Impact analysis and Business Requirement Management system.

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  Knowman System Flow:

Following is pictorial representation of the system flow in ‘Knowman’.


Knowman Offerings:

  • Break Information Silos – Knowledge is available on Portal and is accessible to everyone. Knowman gives you the ability to create knowledge as a page and publish it to the application. With proper approvals it will be published in the application and knowledge will be available as web pages. People can add application knowledge to the system and also, they can contribute generic knowledge to the teams.
  • Get Answers Fast – Knowman provides the ability to start a discussion in the forum, people will be notified with the details. This increases the probability to get the answers to the queries quicker.
  • Quickly Find Information – The Search powered by O365 gives a strong ability to find the knowledge available in the portal effectively. Users do not need to navigate to pages to find the knowledge. The search can get people to reach the right information easily. The Search also provides a strong refinement panel and preview.
  • Find the right Owners – The ability to search, discussion and the data on the application provides the ability to find the right owners for any application or contribution easily.
  • Impact Analysis – Knowman provides a graphical representation of the applications and their dependent applications for quick analysis, during the solutioning/ effort estimations.

  • Maintain RCA (Root Cause Analysis)- Knowman Provides the ability to manage and track the RCA for a priority incident created. This knowledge will be stored in the tool and will be available for appropriate use in future.
  • Requirements management – A streamlined way of managing the requirements during the Requirement Management phase. Separate workspaces are created for each project. BA can create the requirements in the portal and can be used by the technical and client teams. Following is the pictorial representation of the system flow in ‘Requirement management’.

  • Requirements management system allows:
    • Creating Business Requirements
    • Create various functional requirements for the business requirements
    • Create use cases
    • Manage permission to the project workspace
    • Manage the issues/ defects found in various stages of development
    • Forward and Backward Requirement traceability
    • Risk register
    • Document Repository
    • Reports – Users have the ability to export the details in pdf or excel.

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Global Technology Lead Data and AI – Sogeti
An experienced technology specialist with a focus in AI and data analytics. Arun leads the AI CoE team in Sogeti India and is part of the Sogeti Global AI team. He has designed and developed various AI solutions and offering with his team. His roles and responsibility includes Working with AI leads from various countries to help in sales, proposals, pre sales, solutioning and implementation.


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