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John2How many organisations see their IT department as a bottleneck to progress? Your IT department has finite resources. Creating new solutions is a slow process. Before you even get to Coding, you have to do the Business Analysis. Then the Architect needs to design the software. PM’s need to create a project plan and organise resources. We have not even got to the Coding! Obviously Quality Assurance will find lots of “bugs” and send the solution back to the coders. And then there is the hardware and the Virtual Machines which need to be created for all the environments (Development, Test and Production).

We coders think we are Agile… but Agility is the big think in business too and they don’t have time to wait for us. They need a solution now, so they get a solution, from the Web. Actually, an organisation’s default position is to look to the cloud when thinking about a new solution. With no IT involvement. Why wouldn’t they, there is loads of choice. But this implies new issues:

  • Multiple Bills
  • Lack of Control
  • Administration
  • Data Silos
  • Integrations issues
  • Where is the data stored?
  • Point Solutions
  • IT Knowledge
  • Is the solution being used?

We in IT need to be involved in the selection of the technology and in the setup of the solution. But we need to embrace this new way of working. Let the business decide what they need and we don’t need to control all aspects of the decision, just play our part. Work with the business!

What can we do?

  • Consolidate the services
  • Integrate the business for an end to end business process
  • Help in building well thought out Data Models
  • Integrate into the rest of the organisations IT assets
  • And lots more…

And what about moving to a full service platform like Azure?

  • Build a gallery of solutions and services which IT have knowledge to support?
  • Choose where your data is located.
  • Provide visibility of your IT landscape to the CIO, CFO and other stakeholders: What is generating Data? Where is the money going?


John McIntyre


John McIntyre is a Consultant/Solution Architect for Sogeti since 2013. In this role, he is responsible for designing solutions for Sogeti customers.

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