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IT experts: Internet of Things will be Transformative, Challenging, 4G a must

Sogeti Labs
May 02, 2013

The internet of things and it’s machine-to-machine (M2M) communication model will transform our homes, our (urban) environment and the way we conduct business, according to a new survey of IT decision makers by SAP and Harris Interactive. Real time big data analytics will be key in the process of the data driven anything/everything. 30 percent of IT decision makers agree that smart cities would be the most beneficial outcome of deployment of M2M technologies. This would include highly intelligent cities capable of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data from smart, connected devices and citizens’ social media activity in real time to vastly improve urban life. From a business perspective M2M will provide businesses and employees with greater insight, including the ability to respond to real world events, as well as increased efficiency, productivity and collaboration, according to a majority of the respondents. More interesting stuff from the survey:

  • 65% think the Internet of Things’ biggest challenge in managing and analyzing the resulting real-time data
  • IT decision makers China, India and Brazil appear more eager for the M2M revolution: Gives companies greater insight into their business: China (96%), India (88%), Brazil (86%), Germany (79%), U.S. (74%) and UK (61%),  Enables businesses to respond to real world events: China (92%), India (86%), Brazil (82 %), Germany (82%), U.S. (78%) and UK (73%), Increases business efficiency:  Brazil (54%), UK (53%) and U..S (49%), Increases productivity for employees:  China (69 percent) – significantly higher than any other countries surveyed
  • 89% respondents across all surveyed countries agreed that widespread availability of LTE/4G infrastructure was vital for the success of the Internet of Things
And of course; there’s an infographic.

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