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Issue #100 – Real Fake Newsletter

Thijs Pepping
March 01, 2023

Prime Drinks Are Going Viral In Real Life. It’s All About Status.

“The desperate frenzy to snag a bottle is less about the actual drink than the cultlike community that has popped up around it. […] Prime has become a way for their devoted followers to show loyalty, and its immense popularity illustrates how influential and widespread marketing from online personalities has become. Experts believe this trend will only continue to grow. […] In the next 10 years, all the biggest brands will be made by creators. They understand the medium. They understand what their customers want. […] It actually has zero to do with the product, it’s about the community and the cult that they’ve built. […] What is escalating the drink’s popularity is the idea of scarcity. […] It’s not about the drink. It’s about the proof of the value of the relationship.”

She Brought Her Younger Self Back to Life as an AI Chatbot

“Michelle Huang’s been talking with her younger self a lot lately, thanks to real-time written conversations with an AI chatbot she trained on entries from her childhood journals.”

The World Of AI, The Giants, And You!

“ChatGPT is the logical endpoint of our search for endless content, because we have eliminated the time and resources involved in creating it. But this kind of AI-driven content is hollow and useless, pure emptiness that serves no purpose and enriches no lives.”

Chatbot Chernobyl

“The public release of ChatGPT has permanently contaminated the Web. Welcome to the world of Average Garbage Forever. […] Feeding a new model on the exhaust stream of the last one [will] produce an ever-worsening gyre of tightly spiraling nonsense that eventually disappears up its own asshole. […] One possible outcome of the current chatbot gold rush is that future generations may forever be stuck searching for certainty in the entrails of the early Web.”

Great article. It’s “Habsburg AI”: “a system that is so heavily trained on the outputs of other generative AI’s that it becomes an inbred mutant, likely with exaggerated, grotesque features”

How Gen Z Gets Its News: TikTok Is Becoming Gen Z’s Google

  1. Google Search is the go-to news discovery platform for U.S. adults, but that’s less the case for Gen Z, which prefers TikTok and Instagram more than older generations.
  2. In February, 14% of Gen Z adults reported using TikTok to start researching a major news event, significantly higher than the share of all adults (2%) saying the same.
  3. To boost their chances of counting Gen Zers as paying subscribers, news publishers must distribute more compelling content that lives outside of their own websites.

‘Hollywood 2.0’: How the Rise of AI Tools Like Runway Are Changing Filmmaking

“From the rise of deepfake technology to AI being used to generate scripts, AI is on the rise. […] I’m calling it Hollywood 2.0 where everyone is gonna be able to make the films and the blockbusters that only a handful of people were able to before.”

“Hollywood 2.0”. Nice expression. In our book Real Fake we call it “the Hollywood to the home effect”. Which one is better? 😉

You’re Voice Isn’t Your Password

Voice ID is even less secure than Face ID at this point. Read more.

When The Internet Becomes Chat

“The chat interface becomes a far stronger point of gravity in how we use the internet and, with that force, more of the experience gets pulled into its orbit. […] The next wave fragments media at a semantic level. Pages will still exist but will be far less important. Content sucking bots will pull the relevant stuff to a personalized narrative response. More time will be spent in Q&A mode than Page mode. […] Video will become an even bigger part of all medias communication repertoire, because video cannot be flattened into a semantic pancake by the AI. Video holds it’s position as the last surface for a brand advertising message.”

Very interesting read that explains how the internet will evolve as chat becomes the dominant interface.

Our Society Is Not Prepared for This Much AI Awesome

“Unexpected, AI-powered awesomeness isn’t all upside, because it’s happening too fast and breaking too many parts of our civilization that were invisibly dependent on the uneven distribution of awesomeness in the human population. So we have to figure out how to have a society where the awesomeness gradient is now a uniform distribution, and we’re already out of time.”

Spotify: Introducing DJ

Also read the article: “Spotify’s AI DJ Has No Soul”. “Listening to the AI DJ feels eerily lonely, in that it is a constant reminder of what it is not.”

Why Tiktok Sleuths Descended On Nicola Bulley’s Village

About the author

Trend Analyst VINT | Netherlands
Thijs Pepping is a humanistic trend analyst in the field of new technologies. He is part of the think tank within SogetiLabs and in his work he continuously wonders and analyses what the impact of New Technologies is on our lives, organizations and society. He specialized in Humanistic Counselling and Education at the University of Humanistics in Utrecht.


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