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Is (Artificial) Intelligence Needed for Testing?

Albert Tort
June 12, 2018

The word “Intelligence” comes directly from Latin intelligentia, which is defined as “understanding, knowledge, the power of discerning; art, skill, taste,” and the present participle of intelligere “to understand, comprehend, come to know,” which combines inter (between) and Legere (choose). Yes… we need to continuously define, evaluate and choose between different alternatives in our life. And this continuous task is especially critical and complex when the decision between alternatives have consequences, risks, and different results. Moreover, it is almost always necessary to take decisions with restrictions (time, effort,…).

Sogeti is pushing CognitiveQA as a solution to take the most of Artificial Intelligence in order to support testing and quality assurance activities, for assisting and enhancing human capabilities, taking the most of professionals and machines, together. The reason is twofold: (1) Intelligence is needed for testing (someone could imagine testing activities without continuously defining, evaluating and choosing between alternatives?), and (2) some intelligence for a particular domain like the one of testing may be artificially assisted (artificial intelligence techniques have been evolved in other domains, together with higher computational capabilities, based on the well-known “Moore Law”).

Nowadays, CognitiveQA is a new reality for testing! It combines the power of multiple sources of data, which constitutes an incremental knowledge base, with learning and cognitive capabilities to adjust reasoning as time goes by.  This is, more or less, the same as we try to do, day by day, as testing and quality engineers. When Artificial Intelligence comes in, cognitive models simulate this kind of reasoning for a particular domain and enhances the human capacity of taking into consideration all data and previous decisions. In this way, we can predict the risk and the consequences of potential decisions to be taken, as a base to decide in an assisted and anticipated way. So… let’s be assisted by CognitiveQA and increase your testing efficiency! And don’t hesitate to include our Wisey chatbot as your quality assistant for supporting your day-to-day testing activities.


About the author

CTO | Sogeti Spain
Albert Tort is CTO of Sogeti Spain. He is a software engineering and testing & quality assurance specialist. He was a researcher and teacher at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia-Barcelona Tech where he specialised in requirements engineering, conceptual modelling, quality of information systems and testing. His thesis specialised in “Testing and Test-Driven Development of Conceptual Schemas”


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