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IoTFriday E41 | A cheap alternative to the big IoT platforms?!

Sogeti Labs
December 07, 2018

A couple of big vendors have big platforms available for IoT solutions. They are around us for a while and have evolved into stable large scale solutions. What if you are a small company just starting with a small scale IoT solution? Where to start? We come to the conclusion that the big platforms like Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson IoT or Amazon’s AWS have quite a threshold for starting level IoT solutions.

Let’s assume you are tinkering with raspberry pi or arduino type of solutions that do not scale (yet) to 100.000’s, the need for a low threshold, small scale platform is there. We ask you to give us examples of platforms you use(d) that classify for this situation. This may be the starting point for a series of IoTFriday that discusses different (small-scale) platforms out there.

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