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IoTFriday E39 | To gateway or not to gateway

Sogeti Labs
October 26, 2018

Today we look at a mothership concept for IoT solutions that is not another gateway concept. Inspired by the book “Wired for War” by P.W. Singer (interesting read on robotics, drones and everything related) the mothership concept challenges our IoT architecture with less gateways. A mothership for drones serves as a higher hierarchy of drones that can have more intelligence but furthermore has the same functionality of the swarm of drones it is part of. Transfer this to IoT solutions and there can be a smarter device among the smart devices. In that sense it is not another gateway but a mothership for a group of IoT nodes.

It is good to challenge your own ideas once in a while to see if they still stand. Technology is going forwards at an astounding pace sometimes. This impacts your field of reference and thus needs a reality check once in while.

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