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IoTFriday E37 | Your next product contains a distributed design

Sogeti Labs
September 21, 2018

IoTFriday looks at the trend of dedicated chips. With the release of the new iPhones the Bionic A12 chip is introduced. It takes over a lot of tasks when taking photo’s. Qualcomm introduced the snapdragon 3100. A big step forward opposed to the last 2100 version. Smartwatches will benefit greatly from this in terms of higher computational power and huge energy savings.

With dedicated chips in your product a distributed design is needed. This brings a lot of benefits besides energy savings. Separation of tasks means more expertise can be focussed to one task. Teams can work in parallel to tasks. Changes in their area of expertise have little impact to other tasks. The overall product increases in testability and thus delivering a much more robust result to the end customer.


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