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IoTFriday E34 | RPA and IoT

Sogeti Labs
June 29, 2018

Great to see questions coming in. Today on #IoTFriday we take on a topic handed to us on RPA and IoT. Robotic Proces Automation and how it will work/help/benefit/improve (take your pick) #IoT.

RPA can be put to very good use as the transition from “analogue” world processes to full blown “digital” world IoT solutions. Put a robot in place where now manual activities take place can really speed up the transition to digital. We see this a lot in office automation where robots talk to different interfaces and get assignments to gather information to build a full set of data that is needed out of a proces. In IoT physical robots can start doing manual tasks like taking stock levels, counting orders, etc. A great way to start or try out the digital world out there.

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