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#IoTFriday E33 | In code we trust

Sogeti Labs
June 15, 2018


We visited the conference #VINT2018 “In code we trust”. Inspiration and great discussions on a hot topic at the moment: trust. Trust in products around us, trust in the governances using digital solutions for us, trust in data.In todays #IoTFriday we discus the day and talk to our VINT colleague Pepijn Pepping on the topics to come.

The hosts of the day Menno van Doorn and Sander Duivestein trusted us with some insight in future topics like iGen and Heritage. After this kick-off the day took of!

Trust platforms

The use of platforms is ever increasing. Platforms grow big when successful. Facebook for instance is huge but can we trust this platform. With Rens Lieman we looked at a variety of on-demand platforms like Uber, Foodora and Deliveroo. He shared his experiences when working for these platforms. Kasper Korjus took us to Estonia where the government is very far in their digital matters. You can become an eResident there for only €100,-!

The human factor

A big thing was the human factor in all of this. Documentary maker Ruben Terlou showed how he travels through the heart of China and how the social credit system works. Ancilla van de Leest lectured us on privacy and how we as people are owners of our own data. Good closure by Andrew Keen on how in the end the persons writing the code need to be trusted opposed to the digital platforms or code we use. He was in optimistic mode so to say 🙂

Trust was a big thing on #VINT2018. We got a lot of new questions where we bring trust to IoT environments. A lot to come in next episodes of #IoTFriday.

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