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#IoTFriday E30 | Device Management to avoid bankruptcy

Sogeti Labs
May 18, 2018

When you need to update 10.000 devices one by one and by hand, you will go bankrupt. The time and costs involved are too great, let alone the damage your brand will sustain.

With device management a lot more insight is gained in all your IoT devices. With good device management it is possible to look at all the devices, check their health and roll out updates remotely. Even firmware updates could be management in this way.

Device management uses data bandwidth. The IoT solution also transmits and receives data. It is important to make a difference between these two types of data. When your IoT solution data stream runs a bit out of hand, you might want to correct it with a new software version that compresses data better or has a better filter before sending.

Avoid bankruptcy through a great IoT solution and put some good device management in place.

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