#IoTFriday E29 | Swimming meets technology


‘Innosportlab de Tongelreep’ uses technology to research and train professional swimmers.

A research is being done on how to get the technology out of a lab and reach every swimmer. For instance, by using wearables!

Bob – a colleague at Sogeti and a guest today on IoTFriday informs us about the difficulty of bringing technology into the pool.

Checkout the video for more information on this.

Steven van Dalen


Steven is a specialist in technology and has experience in the field of Internet of Things. Over the course of different projects for both Sogeti and customers of Sogeti, he has developed hard- and software systems from microcontrollers to cloud and mobile applications. He is a speaker on a wide variety of seminars in his field of expertise. Steven received insight into Biomedical Engineering and Integral Product Development through his completion of his double major, which broadened his knowledge in the field of electronics.

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