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#IoTFriday E26 | Wearables at Work

Sogeti Labs
April 06, 2018

The simple wearables to track fitness activities are common ground nowadays. In fact shares of leading companies in this area are going down at the moment. Maybe the market is satisfied, or maybe we don’t believe in fitness trackers any more?

I speak for myself that my fitness tracker goes almost unnoticed and works quite well. At work I get notifications when sitting still for too long a time and not making enough steps during the day. In that sense it keeps me fit in a very basic way. Expanding this with coaching can create happy employees in the end. This makes wearables at work a valuable IoT solution to implement.

Keep in mind that privacy can be an issue here, but also look at the possibilities of tracking and tracing people in hazardous environments. A fire brigade can really profit from advanced wearable technology in combination with some smart dashboards.

Stay connected (wearables or not) and keep in touch on topics you want to discuss with us.

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