#IOTFRIDAY E18 | The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


Today it is the time for the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to take the stage on #IoTFriday. There are not really very big difference between IoT and IIoT solutions. The biggest difference lies in the act area (the IoT layers are: Connect, Talk, Think and Act).

Where IoT solutions tend to enhance our lives or to create great experiences, IIoT solutions focus much more on adding business value. IIoT looks for solutions whit a focus on mission critical systems and critical business processes. Enhancing those with IoT technology  creates IIoT with added business value.

Next #IoTFriday continues with IIoT and looks for a preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance on people, and if you listened closely something on biomimicry is about to launch.

Tom Van de Ven


Tom van de Ven is active in the field of High Tech testing for 15 years. As a High Tech test expert he is a frequently asked sparring partner for Sogeti High Tech customers with regard to starting/professionalizing test projects. Besides a multitude of test assignments (eg. in the field of healthcare, semiconductors, agriculture and automotive) he is an active member of the Sogeti High Tech Test Competence Centre and a speaker for High Tech seminars. Tom uses his experience in a role as a coach for (starting) High Tech test engineers and is constantly looking for improvements in High Tech test methodologies. He is the author of the book that combines Internet of Things and TMap: IoTMap!!!. He also teaches and develops several testing courses in the embedded and high tech domain. If not teaching, testing a tunnel or promoting “Quick Tech Testing” you can find him setting up a high tech test automation framework for the odd customer.

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