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#IoTFriday E15 | The IoT Christmas Tree

Sogeti Labs
December 22, 2017

Christmas time is here. Since it is always time for IoT, we talk through the Connect Talk Think Act (CTTA) layers in order to set up our Christmas IoT solution. It should help us create the ultimate Christmas experience or scenes at home.

Starting with Think, we define what data we want to collect to create optimal Christmas scenes and be energy efficient. Combine collected data with external data like energy prices and geofence data from where people are.

The act is specified for what needs to happen after the data is analyzed: for example switching on lights when you arrive at home. Another act could be the Christmas tree lighting up red and blink when a specific threshold of energy consumption is reached. The tree can let you know in this way to turn it of. Of course, it could be switched off when no one is in the house. Cat detection can be added in order to distinguish between you and a cat walking by.

The connect part is about sensors and actors needed for example to measure energy consumption or to switch lights. An activity sensor can help us to distinguish between cats and people.

Talking technology is needed in order to communicate back and forth. The local connection is a good option here. Local gateways can be connected to like existing home automation systems. On the other hand, why not use a raspberry pie that controls all Christmas related settings in and around your home: A Christmas Pie!

New series of #IoTFriday
#IoTFriday is back in the next year, every Friday. We will be back with new topics and discussions. Until then, we’ll be eagerly waiting to read all your comments and suggestions. Happy Holidays!

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