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#IoTFriday E09 | Artificial Intelligence Edition

Sogeti Labs
October 27, 2017


Tom and Steven discuss the position of Artificial Intelligence within the IoT domain. On the World Summit AI 2017 held in Amsterdam a wide variety of topics with respect to AI. Other terms like machine learning or other intelligent behaviour are shown. It was the first edition of the AI summit. A lot of buzz is going on in the AI department. It is time to discuss its relationship with IoT.

AI in the IoT model

We define the position of AI within the Connect-Talk-Think-Act model. We look back at the AI summit: great talk of Stuart Russel on the 3 principles of making safer AI (or better “you cannot fetch the coffee when you are dead!”).

Discuss with us what you think AI should do for IoT solution. We come back on this topic in a future #IoTFriday!


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