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Internet of Things ‘bubble’ to burst 14 years after Dotcom bubble

Sogeti Labs
March 21, 2014

4 thoughts on “Internet of Things ‘bubble’ to burst 14 years after Dotcom bubble

  1. In August 2000 I wrote in my the then personal website ( that “…within five months, a major crisis will hit the entire IT sector and thousands of IT professionals will lose their jobs..” and after the crisis,so many newspapers wrote about it. In April 2005, when I was introducing ‘Knowmatics’, I talked about the death of IT and Internet.
    The recent development in ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘Internet of Every Thing’ is a welcome development in saving Internet and a major step towards the Intelligent Internet. Internet must be redesigned to process and handle not only Information but also ‘KNOWLEDGE’. KNOWMATICS has been formulated to process and handle KNOWLEDGE and to make Internet Intelligent. It is based on Mathew’s Theories of Knowledge Consumption and Production. My works on Knowmatics can be found in the net, including

  2. IOT’s has just started – connected objects is a relatively new concept, energy harvesting combined with advances in battery technology and the ever shrinking powerful microcontrollers will bring forth business opportunities which may outstrip the internet opportunities of the 90’s and noughties. The internet is reaching out of the digital domain and into the analog world of everyday life.

  3. “Internet of Things here to stay, or here to burst ?”
    How about both. The original internet “bubble and burst” was a market phenomenon. Only the market “burst”. The technology and infrastructure that were created during that time was real and really did change everything. I see I reason to expect that our new “bubble” will be any different.

  4. Each year since 2010 has been touted as the year of IoT. So 2015 and 2016 will be as well. The reality is that periods of over optimism and disappointment always alternate. And 20 years from now, we’ll wonder how cars or bags could’ve been used without connectivity.

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