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Innovation at Sogeti

Sogeti Labs
January 04, 2019

During November 2018, Capgemini Digital Engineering & Manufacturing Services was with SogetiLabs, a community of expert on trends topics across the group, in Manchester for the first “Innovation Accelerator” event.

One of the main objectives of SogetiLabs community is to design innovative solutions to help Capgemini customers in their digital transformation. Today three design solutions are proposed by SogetiLabs:

  • #Thinkubator,
  • Innovation Accelerator
  • Circles

Each of this solution is a very different way to make the digital transformation occurred at our customer’s office with a common goal: to share efficiently our expertise on digital technologies with our customers. In the following, we will detail each of these solutions, with a special focus on Innovation Accelerator.


At the beginning of 2018, #Thinkubator approach has been launched with success at Liberty Insurance in Dublin ( The goal of the #Thinkubator is to help our customer to start their digital transformation by selecting one or more technologies relevant for their business and to help them to build, on a very short time (from days to weeks), a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP).

Since beginning of 2018, around 20 #Thinkubator have been deployed with success in our customer offices all around the world!

The Circles

The SogetiLabs Innovation Circles have been started during the second half of 2018.

Their objective is to drive shorten innovation communities with a roadmap including concrete short-term objectives to drive and accompany our customers innovation. Each circle is dedicated to a technology and is composed of experts of Capgemini group, from at least 5 different countries.

Today circles on topics such as chatbots, design thinking, AR-VR are running and others like AI or Blockchain are in progress.

Innovation Accelerator

The Accelerator model is based on deploying highly integrated innovation pipelines that work in tandem with the enterprise core to deliver in tandem with rapid business value aligned with strategic aligned with strategic growth. This Accelerator model is an innovation in and of itself.

While the #Thinkubator start from the technology, the Innovation Accelerator start from the customer issue. The Innovation Accelerator operating model is an innovative approach to integrating innovation pipelines that work in concert with the enterprise core.  This model distinguishes it from the concept of a localized innovation center.  The Accelerator operates in parallel with enterprise core business models in order to be able to impact growth in a much more rapid fashion.  This linkage is essential for innovation operations to have a direct contribution to enterprise growth and a return on investments. 

In fact, there could be multiple Accelerators deployed within any given enterprise depending on the innovation operations desired to support the creation of new products, services or solutions.  Each Accelerator would have a specific mission corresponding to that part of the enterprise to deliver innovation value.  This operating model addresses a lot of the inefficiencies in other approaches that suffer from disconnects, hand-offs, inertia or misalignment.  The Accelerator model offers a streamlined, seamless path for innovative products, services and solutions to find their way to enterprise customers to deliver real value. The Accelerator offers the following:

  • Innovative Service Delivery and Capabilities
  • Integrated Innovation Operating Model in the Enterprise
  • Power of Sogeti Global Design and Engineering
  • Design Thinking as Mental Model for Co-Creation
  • Delivers Digital Minimum Lovable Products/Services
  • Leverages Innovation Catalog
  • Leverages Machine Learning for Deep Design
  • Leverages DSL Technology for Accelerated Prototyping
  • Leverages Creative Production Platforms
  • Leverages Innovation Management Platforms
  • Provides Learning Services for Disruptive Tech
  • Virtual or Co-hosted Program Service Models

Co-authored by: Frederic Riviere and Benjamin Deguilhem

About the author

SogetiLabs gathers distinguished technology leaders from around the Sogeti world. It is an initiative explaining not how IT works, but what IT means for business.


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