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Innovation Accelerator – Smart Dashcam (Part 3)

Sergio Compean
December 06, 2018

The Innovation Accelerator is a design-centric corporate accelerator to empower a scalable and sustainable operating model for enterprise innovation that delivers rapid business value in the form of innovative products, services and solutions. The Accelerator offers the following:

  • Innovative Service Delivery and Capabilities
  • Integrated Innovation Operating Model in the Enterprise
  • Power of Sogeti Global Design and Engineering
  • Design Thinking as Mental Model for Co-Creation
  • Delivers Digital Minimum Lovable Products/Services
  • Leverages Creative Production Platforms
  • Leverages Innovation Management Platforms
  • Provides Learning Services for Disruptive Tech
  • Virtual or Co-hosted Program Service Models

This article shines the light on the Smart Dashcam from Team DSM who had the opportunity to complete the Accelerator program at Sogeti.  Read on to find out the details of this innovative concept in Connected Transportation.

Team DSM in the Accelerator

Smart Dashcam Design Thinking

Problem Statements

  • Companies with large vehicle fleets need a better way to limit risk of asset loss due to vehicle crashes and downtime of employees impacted.
  • Public entities need a better way to track real time road conditions to be able to deploy resources to the right place and the right time.
  • Automated driving systems must be able to react to real time road conditions to limit accidents and improve safety.

Value Statements

  • With real time dashboard analytics, drivers will be empowered to make safer driving decisions.
  • With real time road condition mapping, companies will have better control of their assets and make their employees safer.
  • With real time road condition mapping, public entities will be empowered to deliver the right service vehicle to the right place at the right time.
  • With automated speed limit changes, passengers will feel safer when on the road because their car will be able to make real time decisions.

Smart Dashcam Concept

Prototype Synopsis

  • Our prototype takes information from a vehicle’s dashcam including an image of current road conditions, temperature, speed and latitude/longitude to present real time road conditions.
  • We are using machine learning for texture classification of the dashcam images to classify the image.
  • This information is then deployed into a central map which shows road conditions in real time.
  • Also, this information is used to automatically change the speed limit to appropriate speeds and slow automated vehicles.

Product/Market Fit

  • This product has instant viability with public entities (DOT, municipalities, etc.) as well as companies with managed vehicle fleets.
  • This product targeted the Connected Transportation design theme in the Accelerator.
  • Sogeti currently has both public sector and logistics clients.
  • With the automated change in speed limit/vehicle speed, this is a new market in which Sogeti could license this technology per user (SaaS).

Smart Dashcam MVP

Smart Dashcam Demo

Accelerator Team Q+A

What was your team’s experience like innovating in the Accelerator?
Innovating in the Accelerator is a freeing experience. Both individuals and the team are unleashed to bring their ideas, without prejudgments, to solve problems and make great experiences to impact users. It is the height of team collaboration and leads to quick innovative solutions and real market relevancy.

How did design thinking guide the team’s creative collaboration for prototyping innovation?
Our team made a commitment to think big and futuristic from the outset. The design thinking guide served as an effective and intuitive framework to explore what’s possible and drive to the very best ideas. Through the process, team members were empowered and had their voices heard to create a culture of ownership and accountability which led to true innovation.

What is the importance of developing a business model that supports the innovation concept?
While business model is incredibly important, culture fuels the innovation fire. Good ideas can come from anywhere, and in design thinking, culture drives ideation, ownership and accountability that creates innovation with real market viability. Companies must continue to pursue innovative change of their business, including business models, to thrive in today’s marketplace.

How did the technology platforms power development of MVP prototypes?
The days of spending large capital to prove out ideas are rapidly evaporating. The technology platforms enable teams to make quick progress and pivot when needed. This capability can lead to quick innovation without large expense and breathe new life into innovation.

How did you approach product/market fit?   Does the MVP concept have potential for disruption or creation of new markets?
We started with futuristic ideas, then processed how these future trends would impact users.
Our thinking looked a little like this: In the future of automated vehicles, a passenger will still need to be safe, but will have limited control to change speeds depending on conditions. Car camera snapshots to capture road conditions in real time and be able to have an automated driving vehicle slow down or speed up depending on a risk score will be important to keep passengers safe. The passenger no longer needs to think about road conditions and can be freed to do other activities while in the car.

If you’d like to learn more about the Smart Dashcam or the Innovation Accelerator, send your inquiry to

About the author

Director | United States
Sergio Compean comes to Sogeti USA with extensive technology consulting and leadership experience in the areas of distributed systems software engineering and enterprise solutions. Sergio has been successful in building culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to develop high performing teams that deliver significant value to clients across market segments and project portfolios.


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