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Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

Sogeti Labs
July 03, 2014

baxterClearly, the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution was not invented at Sogeti/VINT. I still do however personally like to claim this modest twelvefold ownership โ€“ of effectively promoting it, that is ๐Ÿ˜‰ > 1 โ€“ The 4I Revolution: Industrial โ€“ Information Tech โ€“ Internet โ€“ and Industrious Once More 2 โ€“ RoboThings, Awake! 3 โ€“ The IT+OT+IOT โ€œPervasive Interaction Engineโ€ (PIE) 4 โ€“ Grab Your Piece of the PIE: Internet of Things to Fuel the Digital Customer Experience 5 โ€“ Your Internet of Things Tinkering Kit: 10 Necessary Tools & Tips 6 โ€“ Digital Disneyfication Is What M2M and Internet of Things Means 7 โ€“ From the Hanover Fair 2014โ€ฒs Digital Factory Hall 8 โ€“ Pitch: How a World of Smart, Connected Things is Transforming Manufacturers 9 โ€“ The New PC or Pitching Convergence: Both Industry AND Business! 10 โ€“ Optimal Big Data Predictivity in 10 Examples 11 โ€“ M2M or the Automation of Automation 12 โ€“ Design to Disrupt โ€“ A Full Lecture in Just 5 Slides Oh, and just before I forget: please DO DOWNLOAD below our new research report on this ever so famous 4th Industrial Revolution โ€“ in English or in Dutch. Thanks, and spread the word!

Click on the cover to download
Click on the cover to download
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