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The Importance of Data and its Use: The Big Challenge Today!

Sogeti Labs
August 23, 2018

The volume of data continues to grow today within the Company. They concern all sectors of activity, all functional areas but also everyday life with the Internet of Things.

Companies are embarking on a battle to control large volumes of data using Big Data projects to store this data but what about their control, their quality and the purpose of this storage?

Business Intelligence (BI) has been around for more than 30 years for managing and using data to help decision-making within a business, with these 3 main phases:

– Data Recovery and Processing using ETL tools (Extract Transform Load)

– Storing Historic and Qualified Data via a Datawarehouse

– Restitution of these data according to different needs (Reporting, Analysis, Dashboarding, Story Telling)


Do BigData projects replace BI?

The race for data and its control today favors the construction of data-lakes, but does this data coming from several sources, types and heterogeneous qualities are intended to be just stored for their pecuniary value?

No, companies that will stand out will be the ones who will be able to use this mass of data to be able to make decisions by analyzing them. For this, Business Intelligence is crucial and its latest innovations allow to exploit this new data source which is Big Data. Those who make decisions are not Data Scientists or Data Analysts, but people in the business and managers who expect simple restitution of the data they need (Reporting, Analysis, Dashboard, Story Telling) and especially Qualified data.

Data-lakes are therefore a new source of data for BI that must be processed, qualified and historized so that these data can be used by business people to help them make decisions.


New trends in BI appear:

  • Tools that can attack Data-Lakes as well as other types of data sources, such as Alteryx, Dataiku and Birst simplify the selection of data and their processing while ensuring that the data available to the trades are of interest and of quality.
  • The trades today want more and more autonomy, BI self-service tools (eg Qlik Sense, Tableau Software or PowerBI) have just evolve the Ad-hoc Reporting to allow dynamic representations and more and more while simplifying use for the trades.

It is essential to keep in mind that the processing of data from all types of source, its qualification and its availability for trades remain complex tasks and requires expertise.

It is therefore essential for companies embarking on these BigData projects to think about the purpose of the data and therefore to plan BI projects at the same time, allowing them to make the most of BigData project data.

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