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How to teach integration development to management with Legos

Sogeti Labs
May 27, 2016

One thought on “How to teach integration development to management with Legos

  1. Hi
    One of our leaders ran a similar exercise. It was supposed to show Agile way of working (the only thing was that both teams had to deliver the same product – no integration) but really to me it showed the team dynamics very well. So
    – if you have one ‘loud and pushy’ person in a team then the rest of the team does not have a chance to contribute too much as there is not much time and people will just give up. Place similar personalities together as pushy people will push each other and quiet people with their idea may deliver additional stuff.
    – just before the exercise, the quieter part of the team hurdled together and we were kind of hoping we will work together but then we were shuffled and unfortunately each part got at least one of the ‘leaders’ (loud and pushy).
    – we got a last minute requirement which the other part of the team with 3 pushy people implemented. in our part there was just 1 person like this so all quiet people simply didn’t do it and the feedback was the it was last minute ridiculous requirement not possible to deliver why no one questioned? Our answer was ‘we just didn’t do it’ and no one mentioned that we didn’t want to waste our time on arguments with the pushy person who already decided that we have to do it and better than the other team 😉
    – also some people were highly skilled but as in this team pushy people take over and no one listens to good ideas, they simply were getting on with their stuff and everyone was surprised that introverts are so highly skilled (I was among them).
    So, give more space to quiet ones and group teams accordingly. The loudest is not necessarily a born leader, that person is simply loud.

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