How to identify your gender, ethnicity and sexual identity by watching Love Death + Robots


A few days ago, I attended a webinar on AI. The speaker Jose Luis Calvo (@joselcs) was talking about the current status of Artificial Intelligence. He started talking about the differences between specific and generic AI, and how far apart they are from each other. During his speech, he said something that unsettled me: “Google´s new AI is better at creating AI than the company´s engineers”. Awesome, in the future, AI will grow by itself.

But the point that really hit me was the controversy about the episodes’ order of Netflix’s new series, called Love Death + Robots. Some people received the chapters of the series in a different order than others. I have to say that I have never seen such interference before. Someone commented that the recommended path was different regarding your preferences. Also, some people commented that the order was more in line with your sexual identity and this was the beginning of the boom!

Image source: Netflix

During the following days, many people started writing tweets regarding this! Even Netflix had to send an advisory explaining that there is nothing behind and that they didn’t use AI to recommend the order of the episodes to the viewers. But I think, it was not enough! There are a lot of people unconfident about AI.`

Image source: Twitter

Sometimes AI provides biassed output due to datasets, and I think that in this case, it could be an error because I think that Netflix never wanted to use recommendations in this way. And I trust the company´s explanation!

Still, to present the main AI risks:

  1. AI Bias
  2. Privacy
  3. Fake or real
  4. Jobs

Nevertheless the point is that we have to go ahead and start working on AI´s ethics, otherwise newer bad uses will increase and the confidence of the people will disappear with time.

Finally, I want to say that, I trust in AI benefits. There are a lot of use cases that provide incredible improvements regarding; healthcare, security, manufacture, industry and so on. That is why we should never break confidence.

Alberto Alonso Marcos


My name is Alberto Alonso. Actually I work with Sogeti Spain in Business Intelligence Department with Microsoft Technologies. My profile is very orientated to customer, and how the DATA can improve the organization. My first steps in the data management were in the Pharmaceutical Sector. (I´m pharmaceutical too). I worked hard to extract and built procedures for gathering all the information across the organization. Measurement all kind of events. Aggregating different sources like ERP, LIMS, HVAC, OEE tools, and productivity machine reports.

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