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How to generate a web application in 10 minutes

Sogeti Labs
August 27, 2018

As mentioned in previous posts a code generation tool is very efficient to generate repetitive code from a “model” and to boost the project’s starting.

Here’s a short video demonstrating how to use Telosys code generator ( ) in its “Command Line” version in association with Atom text editor to generate a web application written in Python.



In this demo, the application is generated from scratch using a “DSL model” to define the project’s entities.

It covers the following phases:

1 – Project initialization

2 – Model creation (to define the project entities)

3 – Templates selection and download

4 – Code generation

5 – Launching the generated application

Demo’s technical environment:

  • Language: Python
  • Frameworks: Bottle and SQLAlchemy
  • Database: SQLite
  • Code generator: Telosys
  • Text editor: Atom (with the Telosys extension)

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