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How Microsoft Mesh opens a new world of opportunities

Sogeti Labs
July 22, 2021

This morning between meetings I got a chance to attend a session organized by Microsoft about Mesh. It was one of those occasions when the name of the product does not ring a bell, and that itself generates a certain uneasiness, accompanied by a mental note of warning like: am I losing reflexes, something has slipped my mind 😦.

Jokes apart, one of the best things about being in Sogeti’s Digital Office is the time I have to dedicate to understand and develop with the rest of the team, the future use cases of Microsoft’s technological innovations. And this case, without a doubt, has a lot of chances to be included in the innovation funnel of our Open Innovation Lab.

As shown in the image below, the idea is to create collaborative work areas, where people located both in the room and remotely, through an avatar, can interact in real time. To do this, VR or AR tools such as Microsoft Hololens 2 or other vision systems such as cell phones or tablets that have that capability, in addition to other VR / AR glasses are used. But no, it does not stop there, Xbox Kinect can also be used for scanning 3D models.

The experience is totally immersive. It allows all the participants, both face-to-face and those remotely through their avatars, to interact with all the digital models present in the room. That is, as we can see in the image, the attendees are working on the skeleton of a vehicle and this would allow them to take actions such as being able to separate parts, draw on the model or even around it, as well as to modify the size of certain components, etc.

So immediately, several use cases for this technology from multiple sectors come to my mind. For example, ideation and innovation sessions, remote technical assistance and also numerous options in the field of education.

Undoubtedly, this technology will accelerate enormously with the implementation of 5G networks, so we are certainly at the gates of a small revolution.

More about Microsoft Mesh:

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