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How Intelligent Enterprises can Leverage Automation to Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings?

Sogeti Labs
July 07, 2017

Most of the time, innovative lab contributors, like me, overestimate the innovations of the next two years. On the other hand, we underestimate the innovation disruption over a 10 years perspective. Should it be the case for IoT and automation? Probably not. Efficiency and cost saving are leading the dance. We can be sure that most CEOs are about to take decisions towards investment, and those changes will come quickly.

I won’t tell you the story of the application that counts the coffee cups, nor the brews of the day. Let’s be as pragmatic as captains of industry. Where can we pick up wide range opportunities thanks to automation and smart objects?

It should concern business processes:

  • that are run within a constantly changing context,
  • involving objects with a high TCO, and
  • for which any outage or downtime will cause high-cost loss.

Industries. How to face breakdown within industries and react before situations become critical? Tackling this problem benefits many sides. Indeed, getting predictive maintenance with automation of components purchase (to the supplier) for industrial equipment will reduce both TCO and risks of an outage.

Imagine the impact of a construction crane outage or the warehouse portal of a famous furniture brand that can’t be open anymore. By investing globally in smart objects and BI, we can aim to predict almost any outage. Industrial machines but also elevators, portals, even bulbs! The more you connect objects, the more you collect information and the more you get data for correlation and prediction.

Transportation. Today, transportation efficiency is challenged more than ever. In our current competitive market, millennials expect that everything can be purchased from anywhere and delivered at least the next day. Transportation fleet tracking plus Open-data can automate paths and drastically increase efficiency. This is most of the time coupled with energy and cost saving.

What factors have more impacting on these businesses than the weather and traffic? In our business life, we all need to transport people and things from one place to another. What if you could get decisive assets to forecast and overcome sudden traffic jams or heavy rains? You would be able to shorten transportation and have reliable time prediction within your business processes.

Intelligent companies that can leverage, or even master these two main factors, will probably lead the market.


IT Security. No need to frighten anyone. We all know how IT security matters nowadays and the real threats we are all concerned with. As always, the weakest link defines how secure our IT is. We all have at least five business user accounts (for different applications). We all use at least three devices to access business data and/or application. Correlating login logs can raise “abnormal” login activities. Indeed, while you log on your PC, plugged into LAN of headquarters in the US, someone tries at the same time to get access to your Cloud-based CRM with your account from elsewhere. Some IAS system can ask the user to use multi-factor authentication in a usual context (traveling or using new device/browser). In that case, automation strengthens IT security. That is almost seamless for end-users, but more important, their accounts are more secure than ever. Hackers will have to be more creative to work around these automation sentinels.

Coupling IoTs with automation is a must for any organization. Security, transportation, efficiency, reliability are some benefits that can be easily caught by going more into digitalization of Business processes.

I guess everything will accelerate. So, brace yourself and go for innovation now!

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SogetiLabs gathers distinguished technology leaders from around the Sogeti world. It is an initiative explaining not how IT works, but what IT means for business.


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