High Availability With Democratized Intelligence


This article showcases the AI capabilities of Capgemini Engineering Services. It aims to add unique differentiation of “high availability” feature in Distributed AI context.

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Co-authors: Amar Potdar, Anil Patil, Pradyumna Saraph, Shreyans Bathiyan, Dr. Umesh Hivarkar, Shivkumar Pal, Shankaran Venugopalan, and Umesh Vikram Singh

Acknowledgements: Authors are grateful to Ameya Patil, Avinash Dhaigude, Darpan Paliwal, Deepak Hemanna, KV Chakravarti and Pritam Katariya for their timely assistance during the development of this work. Also, special thanks to Antony Abraham for helping in creating schematic illustrations in this article.

Sampath Kumar Yerra


With about 20 years of overall experience in Natural Resources Sector, Sampath has a strong background in scientific R & D, industrial consulting and applied innovation.

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  1. Shivkumar Pal May 8, 2019 Reply

    Excellent paper on democratized intelligence!
    It may fit into many use cases and domains.

  2. Ashutosh Kumar May 8, 2019 Reply

    Wonderful article, lucid and an effective presentation of a really powerful concept with potential application in good range of domains, issues and challenges, I believe. Kudos !

  3. Antony Abraham May 15, 2019 Reply

    It was a good read to have on distributed intelligence. This can be taken into action in numerous business use cases and plots. Kudos to the team.

  4. Arvishwa May 16, 2019 Reply

    A comprehensive article about distributed AI. Good work.

  5. Bhoopathy May 19, 2019 Reply

    Insightful, thought leadership, innovative article.

  6. Dr. Raviraj Kulkarni June 21, 2019 Reply

    Hi Sampath,
    Very nice article on AI.. written in a very systematic and lucid manner..