[Whitepaper] Helping obstinate On-premise clients move to Azure using Service Fabric


Cloud platform has drastically changed the IT landscape in the last five years. Thanks to various advantages provided by cloud platforms we have seen phenomenal growth in cloud adoption by our clients. One of the leading platforms leading this disruptive phenomenon has been Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Azure with its wide range of SaaS and PaaS offerings has provided many organizations that are primarily Microsoft shops with a simple and easy way to migrate their application to cloud.

Due to these features, many new businesses are basing their complete IT infrastructure on cloud. As they don’t have any on-premise assets, it’s easier for them to start from scratch and reap the benefits of size and scale. Unfortunately, many customers have already invested heavily on their on-premise environments. This investment might be due to the long-term vision of the company or due to legal limitations. Many of these customers are either locked out due to the above reasons or simply reluctant to change. This whitepaper focuses on providing a low-risk migration path for such customers focusing mainly on the Microsoft platform. Download here.

Rohan Wadiwala


Rohan is a Solution Architect for MS Stack in Sogeti India Microsoft Practice & Sogeti Europe. He has 13 years of professional experience with 4 years in Architect role covering all aspects of software life cycles on Microsoft & DevOps platform. Rohan is actively involved in absorption of review of new technologies including Docker, Azure, etc. Solution Architecting: Involved in Solution Estimation, RFP response for .Net projects across various industry verticals.

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  1. Lingaraj May 22, 2019 Reply

    Good One.
    A different approach by Maurice DRIESSEN here –
    https://km3.capgemini.com/asset/1086933#Modernization paths for existing .NET applications and services