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SoYouMan – a name derived from Sogeti + Human – is Sogeti’s first ever HR Chatbot. We started to develop it in 2018 using IBM Watson. The idea was to help us showcase our innovation capabilities to the fresh new talent that was looking for an opportunity with us. And what better way to attract talent than showcasing our own talent.

The bot was initially programmed based on a retrieval model using IBM Watson, to interact with the new joiners and potential candidates – it could do two key things: ask the new and future recruits operational questions such as their names, skillsets and entered the answers into the system, and then offered them an overview of Sogeti –  it told them about our genesis, our offerings, our services, our people, and geographies. This version was a first step to help us understand what HR need, and how a retrieval model like Watson can bring us.

We piloted the chatbot at different intern HR events and received very positive feedback, which encouraged us to develop it further, to interact at a more layered, more nuanced level. That’s when in just a few months of SoYouMan’s first version, we launched the second, more advanced version. Indeed, the retrieval model is using a tree structure and is a very rigid approach, so we quickly needed to improve this version with new skills.

The second version was a hybrid model based on two layers of intelligence :

  • First one on a retrieval model, using IBM Watson
  • Second one witch is activated when Watson can’t understand what the candidate means and is using Generative Model based on Tensor Flow and Lasagne.

We trained a IA to be able to handle digression a make the conversation more natural using Natural language processing and neuronal networks.

In terms of interface, SoYouMan is currently able to speak by text interface but also via Google Home.

Using artificial intelligence, SoYouMan 2.0 is programmed to understand and respond in depth – it gauges intent with accuracy, answers more specific questions, discusses the audience’s professional ambitions, gives advice and basically lets the interaction appear more real and human-like.

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Nicolas Couchot


After 5 years as a project manager for French press websites, I joined Sogeti in 2016, first as local Innovation projet manager in Strasbourg and, since 2017, as Innovation Manager for the large East Area of France. My projects are mainly internals projects that we use as training field for our consultants when they are not on assignment and as a demonstrators for our clients.

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