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Has the design phase become extinct in an SDLC?

Sogeti Labs
January 27, 2015

5 thoughts on “Has the design phase become extinct in an SDLC?

  1. As an architect, I do, of course, share most of your analysis. Many projects suffer failures or difficulties lacking proper and shared software design but also system design.
    I could add that requirements (at enterprise level and product level), including NFR, are essential to capture, and maintain, to instill “reasons” for the design.

  2. Another reason for this is due to configuration and customization of the products being used in the solution implementation. Any development work done on top of the product technical artifacts lead to tailor how you document your design components.

  3. Appropriate efforts needs to be allocated to design phase. Further, the designing gate reviews need to be conducted with client to avoid ambiguities in implementation of requirements. If more thorough work is done at design phase, rework efforts and defects can be minimized.

  4. I agree with you Nitin. From last decade there is a change in trend to use existing tools, products available in market instead of starting development from scratch, due to which focus is more on high level architecture with missing detailed low level designing.
    Dynamic changes in requirements during Implementation phase requires up-gradation of design documents which happens rarely. Design review must take place before start of any phase in SDLC.

  5. I agree with you since the smarter requirements of clients, shift of hardcore engineering and research topics (like AI, cognitive/analytic algorithms) from laboratory to organization has made us rethink on all phases of IT. In fact every organization now need thinkers and polyglot IT professional at all levels more than before. It is now no more typical managerial aspect.

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