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Has Apple gone crazy?

Menno van Doorn
June 05, 2015

6 thoughts on “Has Apple gone crazy?

  1. Well, if you would be open to other suggestions than the New Macbook you could go for a well designed Windows machine, the Dell XPS 13 is a very compact and strong machine! 23% smaller than the macbook while having the same screen size.
    I think that the real question is, do you wait for the Macbook “to go viral” (and hopefully be in stock, because if it goes viral they might be out of stock for that reason) or make a statement out of not being able to buy their newly launched machine?
    That really depends on how important you find it to have an Apple machine and use Mac OS. I guess for making a presentation you use Microsoft Powerpoint, which runs on almost anything.
    Keep us in the loop on your decision.

    1. No decision yet Steven. Walked into an Apple shop in Utrecht yesterday, 5 weeks for the Macbook. Maybe I should just order….

  2. What a bad Experience. It’s really sad that Apple could only help you with the small thing 😉
    I understand that you’r disappointed.
    Consider the new Dell XPS 15 2015. The XPS line of Dell contains a few sets of notebooks that can compete against apple’s MacBook line in terms of features and design.
    In the meantime I will stay loyal to Apple 🙂

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