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Grab Your Piece of the PIE: Internet of Things to Fuel the Digital Customer Experience

Sogeti Labs
May 29, 2014

DCXThe ongoing rush to reach customers and monetize their experience mainly has been a channel journey. Over time and along the road, it has become possible for consumers to decide their favourites, their moments, their devices, and so on: from one single channel via multiple channels to even cross- and omni-channel experiences. Today, the emerging Internet of Things is starting to develop as a Pervasive Interaction Engine. Of course, everyone business wants its piece of that PIE.

This blog post is a joint effort of SogetiLabs members Rick Bouter and Jaap Bloem.
DCX is the heart and lifeblood of every business. Capgemini listed these 10 Signs Digital Customer Experience is at the Heart of Your Business. When you answer the questions for your business, you will learn how customer centric your DCX approach is. Does the outcome scare you? Then act upon a key takeaway from the Forrester Research report Top 10 Ways to Improve Digital Experiences:
Every Busines Will Be a Cyber-Physical Tinkering Shop Undoubtedly, actively designing a unique DCX is the main driver of any business model. Consequently, your main concern as a business leader is: How much time and effort are you spending in terms of Product Leadership AND Operational Excellence AND Customer Intimacy? Some 20 years ago, you perhaps still could choose between the three, but now it is DCX prime time, so you have to target Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema’s Golden Triangle as a whole, and full-force. The DCX mix of products, operations and customers requires leadership, excellence and intimacy alike. That’s just another way of putting it, but we do not want word and letter games that Marketing Mix Wisdom is full of. Instead, we propose a Digital Disneyfication way of thinking and tinkering. The Internet of Things may well develop into the Pervasive Interaction Engine – a main destination of Pervasive Computing – that drives hitherto unthinkable DCXs. How? In our Internet of Things Tinkering Kit: 10 Necessary Tools & Tips we argued that every business over the next decade will become a 21st century “manufacturer” in its own right: a Cyber-Physical Tinkering Shop. This will be based on the marriage of IT, OT, and IoT in many forms: of Information Technology, of Operational Tech, and the Internet of Things. The fourth stage of the Industrial Revolution is upon us due to the far-reaching integration, accelerated by the Internet of Things, of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This creates completely new opportunities as a result of new combinations of mental, physical and mechanical work by integrating the internet, sensors and embedded systems.
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