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Get The Right Data, In the Right Place, To The Right People

Sogeti Labs
August 28, 2013

1Since the beginning of modern times (or the new digital era, to be more precise), what’s considered “Data” has changed every second. The meaning of this word has crossed boundaries. Now, data has many shapes: structured, semi-structured, character, binary, new formats (like streaming audio and video) and many others. This mix of sources and the constantly increasing number of their publishers and generators is the new challenge in terms of management and processing. And, of course, this new scenario has their own name: BIG DATA. Big Data has emerged as key point in the actual information management scenario. Its main goal is to process this data and bring them to traditional Data Warehousing and analytical processing systems. Big Data is a new term, not a new product or feature. On the other hand, information workers are dealing with new requirements. The evolution from simple descriptive data to 2diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive analytics are increasing both the skill level required to build solutions and the final business impact on the market.  Nowadays, business information market in general is drowning in Data, thirsting for knowledge. Whatever the source is, analytical data must be transformed to fit on traditional Business Intelligence platforms (the Right Data), making them available across actual and future information ecosystems (the Right Place) to people who can use it to make better decisions and plans (the Right People), and contribute to market success. Join the information market to open this new door to the evolution of knowledge. We are partakers of this new step in the information society. The future and the possibilities that can open up our eyes are infinite. Ernesto Téllez of Sogeti Spain mainly contributed to this article.

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