Dan Luciano

Business Applications Practice Manager | USA

Dan Luciano has been consulting with Sogeti since 2007 serving in various capacities and most recently as the Business Applications Practice Manager for the Houston, Texas unit in the US.  In this role, Dan helps clients craft innovative solutions to solve complex business problems for the Oil & Gas market customers.  He is passionate about making sure solutions not only solve the business problem but fit the technology landscape of the enterprise. Prior to joining Sogeti, Dan worked with Enron Corp. prior to and after the bankruptcy primarily supporting Enterprise Content Management needs during one of the first massive eDiscovery cases.  Dan helped manage physical and electronic assets using a portal based solution to support the various cases being managed by the legal group. When not at work, Dan is often found playing golf or catching an ice hockey game while enjoying a beer or scotch.   He also likes to tinker with technology including both hardware and software.