Andrew Fullen

Solution Director | Technical Practice Lead | Sogeti UK

Andrew has been a managing consultant with Sogeti since 2009. In this role, he has worked on a number of major clients across government and private sectors covering tasks such as security test manager for a major government pan-agency project, helping with restructuring a bank rescued by the UK government during the financial crash, re-planning a major welfare project and architecting a performance policy and approach to address significant shortfalls in the delivered solution. He worked for the UK Lottery on their move to a digital first approach on the development of their mobile apps which have been a major success, in part to successful deployment of device independent automation.Currently, he manages the UK Sogeti Studio running multiple projects and is working on a plan to integrate OneShare, the Studio and Rightshore© into a single entity for the UK (and hopefully beyond). He also writes blogs for the Sogeti website, represents Sogeti and multiple tradeshows and webinars and seminars for Sogeti and our partners such as HP. Previously, he worked for British Telecoms rolling out HP’s toolset across 350 projects (and 20,000 testers). Before that he was the test manager for Macrovision on its digital DRM products (online gaming and music) and QA Manager for McAfee for their anti-virus technology.

*Opinions expressed on this blog reflect the writer’s views and not the position of the Sogeti Group