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Expert Talk – Telling stories with data: Motion, Context and Integrating Intelligence

Sogeti Labs
March 29, 2013

We have already tweeted about some of the very interesting talks at GigaOM Structure:Data event last week. I want to point out a talk by Samantha Ravich, co-chair of the National Commission for the Review of Research and Development in the Intelligence Community, on how intelligence analysts need to work hand-in-hand with technologists and data scientists to find new ways of understanding context in data.

From the introduction:
A big problem with a lot data analysis right now is that it still treats data points as entities unto themselves, largely disconnected from those around them. However, data needs context in order to be really useful; it’s context that turns disparate data points into a story. Don’t just tell me how many steps I took today or the time of day I’m most active on Facebook, but tell me how that relates to the rest of my life.

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