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Expert talk: @stevebaker, @DiAnnEisnor, @mchui and Jacob Spoelstra on datacontrol, consumers and datamarketplaces

Sogeti Labs
July 18, 2012

As the collection, organization and retention of data is becoming commonplace in modern business, the implications behind big data for consumers have also grown in importance. With data being the new currency, questions such as ‘who owns all this data?’ and ‘can consumers claim their own data?’ rise and need to be discussed. We have talked to a few experts on the matter to reflect on the relationship between data companies and consumers, the issue of control and how this is going to evolve over time. In this Expert Talk Stephen Baker (Author of Final Jeopardy and The Numerati, former BusinessWeek writer), Di-Ann Eisnor (Chairman Platial and Community Geographer at Waze), Michael Chui (Senior at McKinsey Global Institute) and Jacob Spoelstra (Global Head of R&D at Opera Solutions) Stephen Baker: “There is going to be a tug of war between consumers and the companies that make money from their data” Di-Ann Eisnor: “We need to get to a place where we have total control of our own, particularly location, data” Michael Chui: “This technology can actually also be used by consumers in order to capture their own value” Jacob Spoelstra: “Maybe there will be some kind of a market where people will say -I’ll share my data, as long as you share some of your profits-. That might work”

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