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Expert Talk: Martin Källström (Founder of Memento) on Wearable Technology

Sogeti Labs
September 06, 2013

Martin is the founder and CEO of Memoto. He is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist, thinker and tinkerer. The past decade was a period of transformation for him. Since both his parents passed away in cancer and his two daughters came into his life, he realized how much value there is in the small everyday moments that ties our lives together. Technology is by now an essential part of our lives. The trend is clear, it’s getting closer to our bodies. The quantified self-trend has been thriving for some years, but what happens if the technology we carry goes from measuring to documenting and enhancing our sense in real time? How will this new technology be adopted, and will we eventually become cyborgs?

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    One thought on “Expert Talk: Martin Källström (Founder of Memento) on Wearable Technology

    1. Who doesnt want to be a cyborg. Alot of people dont realize that we are closer then we “like” to think of becoming cyborgs. For instance take the medical industry. They already use technology for your heart and brain, more obvious because its on the outside are brain controlled prosthesis.
      So the use of technology on or close to your body for social enhancement will become bigger and bigger.

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