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Expert Talk: Mark Plakias (VP of Strategy at Orange Labs) on Information Flows & the Transfer of Knowledge

Sogeti Labs
November 19, 2012

“I think that when people have a certain amount of the right information, they feel better equipped” “The pipes that are powering our modern networks are actually pretty intelligent, and more importantly,  they’re going to become software-defined” Mark Plakias is Vice-President of Strategy at Orange Labs, San Francisco. At Orange Labs San Francisco, Mark manages initiatives on innovation best practices and creative services, manages the Labs market intelligence operations, oversees its community outreach efforts, as well as topics relating to communications industry evolution. Plakias manages ecosystem relations as well as managing a creative services and innovation program for the Lab. We talked to him about new information flows that enable people to add layers of context and sense to a lot of everyday activities, the compression of transfer of knowledge by smartphones and how pipes are becoming more intelligent and decentralized. Flows of information: collecting the appropriate amount Compression of transfer of knowledge Networks are becoming intelligent and software-defined

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