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Expert talk: Is there room for privacy in the age of big data?

Sogeti Labs
February 01, 2013

We all know that digital data is increasing at an exponential rate driven by all the devices we use, ubiquitous networks, social media, and emerging technologies like the Internet of Things. But what is not well understood is how the components of big data, in the form of cheap storage, increased CPU power, and new algorithms, have changed the privacy landscape. Today, the aggregation and analysis of data is commonplace. Predictive models are used to predict your buying behavior or flag you as a possible criminal or terrorist.
  • The surprising ways that data is collected and used.
  • The main privacy players and the business models that drive them.
  • Some approaches to maintaining your privacy and their effectiveness.
No video this time (well, it’s still a YouTube embed), but a recording by O’Reilly media of a webcast with Terence Craig, CEO and CTO at PatternBuilders (a Big Data Analytics solutions and services company) and Mary Ludloff, VP of marketing for PatternBuilders discussing privacy in the age of big data. They ask and answer the question: What level of privacy do you really have in the age of big data? Be sure to read are next report on Big Data and Privacy that will be published on March 5th.

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