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Europeu0026#x27;s position in the Internet of Things

Sogeti Labs
August 21, 2013

When we think of (new) technology, a lot of people immediately think of Silicon Valley. However, in our research into Things, I see a lot over exciting stuff going on in Europe as well. And that’s a good thing. One obvious reason is that the high cost of labour, energy, fuel and infrastructure  makes automation and optimization enabled by sensors and connectivity a smart investment for many (small) businesses in many European countries. And we have a few big companies over here that can form a ecosystem leading the way (something that wasn’t always the case say in mobile or desktop computing). Bosch makes sensors for internet of things and services; ARM makes processors and has a new focus on the internet of things connected devices; Ericsson, which has been thinking about connectivity in billions of devices and applications. Then there are a lot of startups busy creating new hardware and software solutions. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, a product & interaction designer and entrepreneur, created a map of internet of things startups: IOT companies (UK & Europe) weergeven op een grotere kaart One thing we don’t have though is capitol. Big VC’s are based in the US. But as Alexandra wrote:

Europe has the community of investors believe me, but they are slow off the block. Hopefully they will realise, this is what their Silicon Valley could be. Not web, but things.
So our continent looks like it’s better equipped to play its part in this new era of computing (Things) then it was in the prior two (Desktop & Mobile).

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